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August 24th

August 24, 1981, the day you were born. It was a Monday and the number one song at the time was "Endless Love" by Diana Ross & Lionel Richie. My Virgoan Lover, you balanced the Sagittarius in me. You loved spending your birthdays with just the kids and me. I tried convincing you to let me throw a big party for your 40th but you weren't convinced. You didn't like being in the spotlight, but I think the main reason was because you didn't want me spending too much money. Instead, you requested that we stay in Boston for the weekend and go to Lego Land. We had a great time. I really appreciate the intimacy of your birthdays now that you're gone. The kids will always cherish their memories of us doing something fun for them on Daddy's birthday. People take birthdays for granted and we really shouldn't. It's not just another day, it's another year we get to spend with the people we love. A day we used to relish is now a reminder that you'll never grow older than 40. We were supposed to grow old together, live on a beach in the Caribbean, and walk around the house buck naked. We will still celebrate you, but with the heaviest of hearts. I love you!

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