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The Quiles Bunch

The Quiles Bunch consists of Hector, Jasianna, Brielle, Hezekiah, Amaru and me. Living with us is either like living in a WWE arena or in High School Musical. Unfortunately, those of us who love singing do not sing in our range and we sing at the highest volume. Whenever daddy got home, I would sing, "Daddy's home," just that part.... daddy's home, from Usher's song. I did it so much that it stuck with the kids and they'd sing if they were announcing his arrival. If he heard it, his go-to response was, " That's corny." *Sigh*, what I wouldn't give to sing that line again because you're pulling in our driveway. Hector was the rock of our family. He brought me peace and kept the kids grounded. I am not downplaying my role in our lives, but husbands and fathers play an irreplaceable role in a family. He was the father that woke up at 4am so that he could get some work done, come back home to see the kids off to school, then head back to work. After work he'd stay up late to get some games or studying in with the kids and ONE Netflix episode with me (he couldn't binge watch). He was so patient and understanding. He apologized if he was wrong. He was committed to growth and had a thirst for knowledge. The greatest father and husband. We miss you so much!

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